It is our intention, as admitted hermits, to share some of our experiences with, well, anyone. We are an unconventional family, by American standards. We live our lives, together, not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. Neither of us have a college degree. Our three children are furry creatures named Louis, Yin, and Yang; and trust us, if you ever met our cats, you would consider them babies as well. We both have very visible tattoos. The majority of our spoken vocabulary belongs in an NC-17 film. Our diets are gluten-free and lactose-free, not because we have bought into a fad, but because we both are allergic and intolerant. However, we eat cheese and pay the price. We are lower-middle class and we live in a rental home – a fixer upper that we both throughly enjoying fixing up ourselves. We are unpatriotic to our birth country, but we cannot wait to salut the French flag when we move to Paris in a few years. We do not drink. We each smoke close to a pack a day. Every documentary we watch prompts yet another adaptation to our lives. L does the cooking and M does the cleaning. M is an amateur gardener and L is a professionally trained chef. Oh, and in case you did not already know, we are lesbians.

We hope to chronicle some of our moments, be they good, bad, or ugly, and to learn from ourselves while attempting to spread our knowledge (and perhaps some wisdom) to others.

As L beautifully put it, she loves creating something out of the ordinary by an unusual pairing while cooking, and that describes us perfectly.




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