Waffled Mac and Cheese (GF)


We truly couldn’t help ourselves.


  • 1 box of quinoa (gluten free) mac and cheese
  • butter
  • goat milk
  • smoked cheese
  • sriracha
  • maple syrup



1. Cook the macaroni according to box instructions.


2. Melt a tablespoon or two (or however much you like) of butter in the pot. Dump the mac back in and stir it around until thoroughly coated. Mix the powered cheese with milk. Pour on top of the mac and blend. Grind some pepper and move into a baking pan. Shred some of that incredible smoked cheese on top and move to the freezer until hardened. Doing this will allow the mac and cheese to form, which will make it easier to move into the waffle maker.

IMG_0986IMG_0987IMG_0985  IMG_0988   IMG_0989 IMG_0990

3. Cut out four evenly sized squares that will fit in the waffle maker. Place your first two into the heated iron. Dump a handful of that fine cheese on top of each one. Smash the other mac and cheese squares on top, and begin waffling the mac sandwich.

IMG_0994 IMG_0998IMG_0999IMG_1002IMG_1003

4. When finished, hopefully yours will also have these beautiful golden squares (the mark of a true waffled meal).


5. Mix a tablespoon of sriracha into two tablespoons of maple syrup. Whisk and adjust to taste.

IMG_0991 IMG_0992

6. Drizzle your homemade spicy sweet syrup onto this magical creation, live long and prosper.






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