Peanut Butter Cup Waffles (GF)

photo 5 (18)

Oh, yeah. Organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups inside the waffles. That bag had been staring at us while we were juicing. We were more than happy to oblige.


  • waffle mix
  • 1 Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup, per waffle
  • peanut butter
  • maple syrup

photo 1 (34)


1. Prepare waffle mix. Chop up peanut butter cups. Pour waffle mix into waffle iron, sprinkle chopped up deliciousness on top. Close the lid and get your face as close as possible so you can smell the love.

photo 2 (33)photo 3 (30)photo 4 (25)

2. Open it. Aren’t they gorgeous? (Our love affair with food has taken a deeper darker plunge.) Smear with peanut butter. Smother with maple syrup. Die happy.

photo 5 (17)photo 1 (35)photo 2 (34)photo 3 (31)




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