Juice Cleanse: Aborted.

We just couldn’t do it anymore. Mentally or physically. We know there are many pros to a juice cleanse, and while nutritionists and doctors discuss the medical cons, no one has really talked much about the personal cons you will experience. We are glad we did it. We are more glad we ended it early.


  • You receive double or triple the amount of daily servings of vegetables and fruits.
  • We realized that even though we eat an extremely healthy diet, we could add in more vegetables on a day to day basis.
  • We discovered some really delicious juice recipes.
  • We’ve decided to start juicing meals a few times a week.
  • We have a newfound respect for the people that go on extended juice cleanses. 
  • We became badasses at juicing and cleaning our juicer. We are a great juicing team. Seriously, are there juicing olympics?
  • Food tastes so much better. So. Much. Better.
  • Also, chewing. We’ve never appreciated chewing as much as we do now.
  • We realized how healthy we truly do eat. 
  • We gave our bladder a great workout and our bowels a rest.
  • We got to try a new experience, together, and learned a lot from it.


  • We had spikes of energy in the morning, but starting in the afternoon we crashed. Every night we felt hungry, weak, and exhausted. 
  • M lost 5 pounds in the first two days, L lost close to that amount as well. Neither of us wanted to lose weight, and neither of us need to.
  • We were consuming under 750 calories a day. Every pro-cleanse website recommends consuming at least 1,000 calories of juice a day, usually equating to six juices. We were not able to juice that frequently because of work.
  • Work. Everywhere we looked ‘they’ recommended doing an extended cleanse (more than 3 days) when you have downtime, when you don’t have to physically or mentally exert yourself, and when you can be away from stress. We had none of those luxuries. Also, we work in a grocery store.
  • We were hungry every day from around 3 to bedtime. That isn’t fun, and it didn’t go away.
  • Our bodies and our minds felt as if they were running on fumes. 

All in all, it appears cleansing isn’t for us. We do want to begin adding in vegetable and some fruit juices on a regular basis. We also now know that we could be consuming more vegetables, but we would prefer to do that in a solid form, thank you. We missed food. Real food. That you chew. We really really missed waffles. While we could see the benefits, the drawbacks outweighed them. We love ourselves and food too much to restrict ourselves to only juice. We think a juice detox is an incredible jumpstart for people that need to radically change their diet. We don’t need to. We think juicing itself is a wonderful way to receive nutrients, and especially for someone overweight, it can sustain you. We don’t have enormous fat stores that our body can feed off of, and we (L especially) didn’t want to lose our muscle. A great experiment, not the best experience. We’ll be back with some chewable recipes tomorrow.





  1. Cooper Wives…You all rock! Gave it your all and were honest with your followers regarding your experience. I am selfishly grateful that you will back to posting some delicious new recipes for us to try.

    Bon Apetit

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