Juice #8

Carrot Juice.

photo 2 (24)


  • 9 small carrots
  • 1 carrot top bunch
  • 2 cucumbers

photo 1 (24)


1. Carrots and carrot tops go through. You realize carrots do not produce a lot of juice. Grab two cucumbers and push those through as well.

photo 2 (23)

2. Pulp it.

photo 3 (23)photo 4 (19)

3. Chia it.

4. Drink it.

photo 1 (25)


Today was a rough day for M and L both. We felt tired, or rather low energy, all day. We were more hungry than we were yesterday. L’s headache came and went all day. M’s motor functions were a little off, and she was not as physically strong as normal. We realized we did not make enough juice this afternoon to get us through our workday, so that was a nice learning experience. We are definitely glad to be done with today.


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