Juice #1

photo 3 (12)

We were so excited this morning to start juicing that we completely forgot to take pictures or count exactly how much of everything we put in to the juice. We’ll do better next time.


2 cucumbers (one big one small)

1 pepper

2 small pears (equivalent to the size of one average pear)

some carrots… we used somewhere between 5 and 7.


We use a T-fal, which has two speeds.

photo 1 (13)

The first speed is for soft fruits or leafy greens and the second speed is for hard vegetables and fruits. We pushed everything through on the second speed, and then re-pushed the pulp through again on the first speed.

photo 2 (12)


Reusing the pulp really ensures that you are getting everything you can from your produce. We poured our juice into our cups, mixed in a tablespoon of chia seeds each, and drank to good health!




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