The Juice Cleanse

A few months ago, L and M watched a bundle of food documentaries together all discussing how beneficial juice cleanses are to the human body. We’ve wanted to go on one, but the timing was never right. Finally, the stars have aligned. For the next seven days, we will consume nothing but juice. Wait, there’s more: our juices are made entirely of organic local produce. This did limit our options, as we weren’t able to get certain fruit or vegetables that go in many juices, but we aren’t really too bummed about that.  We wish we would’ve been able to buy beets, apples, parsley, and kale; but we are fairly impressed with what we were able to find.

Here is our food for the next 7 days:

If it looks excessive in the picture, that’s nothing compared to what it looks like in real life. Or in our fridge.


We will be consuming:

68 carrots

68 carrot tops (substitution for kale)

35 cucumbers

26 pears (substitution for apples)

10 zucchini

4 bunches of swiss chard (another substitution for kale)

4 peaches

4 bell peppers*

3 banana peppers*

3 bunches of cilantro (we also wanted parsley, but we’ll make it work)

3 red/purple cabbage (substitution for beets)

2.5 quarts of blackberries

2 butternut squash (and a baby!)

2 cantaloupe

2 sweet peppers*

1 entire celery plant

1 pint of grapes

1 poblano pepper*

a handful of jalapeños* (not pictured, we’re picking them up from the garden later on in the week)

*all of the peppers we will be using as a replacement for spices or ginger

The only ingredient we will be using that is not locally grown or made are the chia seeds we will be adding to our juices. Chia seeds are a naturally gelatinous food that attach themselves to toxins in the small intestine, insuring that we are properly cleansed. While juicing will push the toxins in your body out of the bloodstream and into the intestines, sometimes the toxins get reabsorbed and can do further damage. Using chia seeds, seaweed, or aloe vera along with a juice is a necessity for proper detoxification. Unfortunately, none of these things grow in Oklahoma. We already had a bag of chia seeds in our fridge, and we’ll just use them until they are gone.

We will be posting our juice recipes every day. This is a quasi-experiment for us, so we’ll keep you all updated on our progress as well.

The following documentaries have awesome information about juicing (links are located in our ‘How We Eat’ page):

  • Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead
  • Hungry For Change
  • Food Matters
  • Forks Over Knives
  • The Gerson Miracle





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