Waffled Stuffed French Toast

photo 3 (31)

Since our discovery of putting french toast in the waffle maker, we developed a slight… fetish for it. We swear, this is the best french toast we’ve ever had. It makes the perfect fluffy, crunchy, spongey texture you could ever hope for, plus it’s super easy to make. M could probably make it. (Maybe.)


  • 4 local pasture-raised eggs
  • 1/2 cup flax milk
  • 4 slices of bread (we used Rudi’s gluten free cinnamon raisin)
  • cream cheese
  • organic cherries, fresh or frozen
  • organic grade-B maple syrup
  • organic powdered sugar

photo 1 (31)


1. Spread cream cheese on one side of each piece of bread. Place cherries on top of the cream cheese on two of the slices. Lay the bread, cream cheese side up, in a dish big enough to fit all four slices.

photo 2 (31)photo 5 (19)

2. Whisk eggs and milk together in a bowl and carefully pour into the dish. We want the egg mixture to soak into the bread, but we don’t want to mess up our lovely cream cheese filling. Allow the bread to soak for at least one hour, but preferably overnight for optimal results.

photo 3 (28)photo 4 (25)photo 1 (32)

3. The next morning, heat your waffle maker to desired setting. Remove the two slices of bread that have the cherries and place those, cherry side up, in the waffle iron. Top with the other two slices, cream cheese side down, and cook to your heart’s desire.

photo 2 (32)photo 3 (29)photo 4 (26)

4. If you are anything like us, wasting that leftover egg mixture would be a crime. So go ahead and whip up some scrambled eggs while your french toast is cooking. (We added some delicious local peppered bacon to ours!)

photo 2 (33)photo 3 (30)photo 4 (27)photo 5 (21)

5. When your stuffed french toast is ready move them to a plate. Sprinkle the tops with powdered sugar (M must have powdered sugar anytime we make french toast) and a drizzle of maple syrup. Serve with a side of scrambled eggs to keep your blood sugar stable.

photo 1 (33) photo 4 (28) photo 5 (22)



photo 2 (34)


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