Cinnamon Rolls (GF)

photo 2 (53)

Drumroll please…

photo 2 (54)

These are not just any gluten free cinnamon rolls. These are not just any cinnamon rolls. These are the best cinnamon rolls you have ever had in your life. I promise. They are BETTER than any other cinnamon rolls we have had, and we love cinnamon rolls almost as much as we love waffles (there just isn’t as much room for creativity with a cinnamon roll). You would never know that these babies were gluten free. Don’t tell. It’s the best kept secret of the internet. Kind of. This is not an original L recipe, so today we are just going to be posting pictures of our delicious mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. Don’t hate us if you have to make a run to the grocery store, blame Recreating Happiness. She has a recipe and a video tutorial on how to roll them, as it can be a little tricky. Check out the goods here. This is one of our favorite gluten free blogs. We ladies have got to stick together! (Get it? Stick together? Because without gluten to bind… okay nevermind.) Anytime L finds a recipe for anything gluten free, she tweaks it a little bit or a lot. But L didn’t make any changes to this cinnabon copycat recipe, and that alone speaks to how amazing these are. This lady put in a lot of time and effort to nail these, and she did a great job. We are over the moon about these, and we want to spread that happiness with you. Let’s get to it!

This is everything you will need.

photo 1 (45)

For now, we are just making the cinnamon roll dough. (Not just, but, you know.)

photo 2 (44)

It is very important that the milk is between 110 degrees and 115 degrees. If it is too cool, the milk will not activate the yeast, and if it is too hot, the milk will kill the yeast. So keep a close eye and be ready.

photo 5 (28)

L finally found something M could do to help, besides taking pictures. Except then L had to flour the pie plate for M anyway.

photo 2 (45)photo 3 (44)

Donut break! And yes, those blueberry donuts are delicious refrigerated.

The yeast will be ready when it is frothy and bubbly-looking.

photo 5 (29)photo 1 (47)photo 2 (46)

On a positive note of these very labor intensive cinnamon rolls, you can’t over beat the dough because there isn’t any gluten in it! Yay! (M enjoys things that are difficult to mess up.)

photo 3 (45)photo 4 (41)photo 5 (30)

This. Is. Genius. You don’t have to clean the cutting board or the rolling pin! Make sure you use a LOT of tapioca starch. You cannot use too much. Seriously. Use more than you think you need. This dough is extremely sticky. The more tapioca starch you put down the less dough you’ll lose when you remove the plastic wrap. It’s also easier to roll these out (and roll them up) with more flour.

photo 1 (48) photo 2 (47) photo 3 (46)

Ta da!

photo 4 (42)

Now for the filling. Yum.

photo 1 (49) photo 2 (48)

L likes to get the stick of butter really soft because it’s easier to spread.

Seriously. That thing we said about not having enough flour? After you’ve removed the top layer of plastic wrap, put more flour down. Just trust us.

photo 5 (32) photo 1 (50) photo 2 (49)

L recommends getting the roll going before flipping the board around and pulling the plastic wrap towards you.

photo 4 (44) photo 5 (33) photo 1 (51)

See? This shit is sticky. You will lose some to the plastic wrap. That’s okay. We promise.

photo 2 (50) photo 3 (49)

Aaaand once you’re done rolling the cinnamon rolls, add more flour.

photo 4 (45) photo 5 (34) photo 1 (52) photo 2 (51)

Get your pie plate as close to the roll as possible so these babies aren’t traveling far. They are delicate.

photo 3 (50) photo 4 (46)

Wrap them up and let them nap for at least 30 minutes under a towel in a warm place. (Isn’t that how we all like our midday naps?) The recipe says 15 minutes but we think a full half hour benefits the rolls much more. They need to be doubled in size before you put them in the oven. Let them sit longer if need be.

photo 5 (35)

Get your icing whipped and ready. Do your best not to eat it all before the cinnamon rolls are done. M pretended to be satisfied with licking the whisk, but one can never have enough of that icing. Mmmm.

photo 1 (53)

See? Look how well rested and risen those babies look.

photo 2 (52)

Done done done, DOOOOOONE! (We are really excited. We’ve been thinking about these for 3 months straight.)

photo 4 (47)

Slather, drizzle, coat, smear, do whatever you gotta do to get that icing everywhere it needs to be.

photo 5 (36)photo 1 (55)photo 4 (49)

Plate ’em, eat ’em, die happy. (We added sausage to ours to make it a dinner-appropriate meal.)

photo 5 (37)

Bisous! Hopefully we will have recovered from our cinnamon roll coma by tomorrow.



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