Grilled Cheese with Hummus

image (21)

What to do when you have gluten free focaccia bread leftovers from Family Night? L’s answer was to slather some homemade Sriracha bell pepper hummus and melt some raw milk white cheddar to create this magnificent meal. We are the queens of leftovers and using whatever we find in the fridge, and we apologize if some of our meals are a little more loosey goosey than others.

For this recipe, we used gluten free rosemary and thyme focaccia bread. Cut the bread in half, top to bottom. Then slice each half in half, length wise. We recently tried this amazing raw milk white cheddar cheese that has a great body but a less robust flavor. Considering the bread is very herby and the hummus spicy, we wanted something to balance the sandwich out. Cut the cheese into thin squares. Spread butter on the outside of the bottoms and tops of the bread.

image (26)

Now, get your hummus. L made sriracha bell pepper hummus a few days ago, and it is incredible. If you aren’t into spicy hummus, well, maybe don’t make this sandwich. Or try to like spicy hummus, because this sandwich is delicious.

image (27)

Spread an even layer of hummus on the inside of the bottom slice of bread, not too thick.

image (25)

Stack your cheese on top.

image (24)

Close sandwich up and place sandwiches in a preheated sauté pan, over medium heat. Whatever you do, resist the urge to turn up the heat. This sandwich requires a lower heat to evenly brown the bread while melting the cheese at the same time. Once one side is browned, flip and repeat. If the cheese isn’t fully melted when both sides are brown, finish the sandwich in a 350*F/175*C oven until cheese is adequately melted. When all finished, plate and eat that ____.

image (23)

image (22)


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