Homemade Roasted Salted Cashews


The Cooper Household has gotten much more frugal lately. We have a slight addiction to nuts. We don’t discriminate, but we absolutely adore anything salted. We always buy our nuts in bulk if available, but even bulk nuts can be expensive. One pound of organic raw cashews is $12.00. To get organic roasted and/or salted is closer to $15.00. Why pay more when we could make them saltier and roastier ourselves? So, that’s what we did.

Get yourself some organic raw nuts. Pour the nuts into a bowl that has plenty of room after the nuts are in it. Make a warm salt water mix. Fill the bowl with the salt water and let sit for a minimum of an hour, or up to overnight, allowing the water to fully absorb. The longer you let the nuts and the water sit, the saltier the nuts will be. We let ours sit overnight, but our water had not fully absorbed. We like nuts extra salty, so next time we do this we will most likely wait until the water is all gone. If we can be that patient.


Spread the nuts on a baking sheet. Place in a 425*F/218*C oven. Bake for 20 to 24 minutes, depending on how roasted you want your nuts. When finished, remove and let cool. Go nuts!






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