Savory Gluten Free Waffles – Jalapeño Jam and a Scramble

In the effort of pretending to change things up, we made our waffles a little different today. We did promise more waffles, didn’t we?

Our breakfasts lately have been on the sweet side, but one of M’s favorite treats is when L breaks out a savory waffle. Last time, the savory waffle L made was a smoked barbecue brisket topped with an apple-carrot slaw and sriracha honey . So unexpected, and so unquestionably delicious. Our favorite thing about savory waffles is that they work as a breakfast or a dinner. Or sometimes both.

The savory ingredients for today are as follows:

  • japaleño jam (homemade by M’s Aunt)
  • an egg scramble made with honey goat cheese and chipotle cranberry cheddar


Easy cheesy.

To make this savory waffle, first you have to make your waffles.


While the waffles are cooking, make your scramble. Season the eggs however you’d like, mix and melt in your cheese, and set aside in the pan to keep warm.


When the waffles are done, spread the jalapeño jam like you would a nut butter or cream cheese.


Top with the scramble, and savor your creation.


Bon appetite!


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