Waffles 2.0


As some of you may know, our most favorite waffle mix turned out to not be as wonderful as the company would have us believe. Maple Grove Farms seems like a great little farm that made it big. Unfortunately for us, they aren’t that great at all. We never heard back from the company, but we eventually found an all-conclusive list of GMO foods and companies to avoid. We also have this amazing app called Buycott that truly underlines the power of purchasing. With a quick scan of any product, we can find out whether or not that brand falls in line with our principles. Now the only issue was to find a brand that we could feel good about buying and eating, but tasted good as well. We’ve tried the Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Pancake and Baking Mix. We like that company, and we’ve used some of their other flours and mixes. That mix might work for pancakes, but we did not like using it for our waffles. The taste was alright, nothing spectacular, and the texture was even worse. No matter how we cooked them, the waffles were always too crunchy without any fluffy.


Enter Pamela’s. A great gluten free company that supports causes we support (Non-GMO project, Kosher, organic foods), products that aren’t ridiculously priced, and drumroll please…  IT TASTES AMAZING! We bought the Baking and Pancake Mix that contains almond meal, and we adore it. L prefers baking and cooking breakfast items with almond meal because of the consistency and the taste. We both have set the bar pretty high with our waffle expectations, and we were very pleased. For now, this will be the waffle mix we use. If we switch it up, we’ll let you know; or if there is a brand you would like us to experiment with, let us know!

Follow the instructions on the packaging. We halved the recipe for waffles, and we ended up with two perfect waffles and no waste! M loves no waste.


The waffle popped out of the maker like they couldn’t wait for us to eat them, and we figured that was a good sign.


If you like chunky peanut butter and have not tried the Santa Cruz Organic, you are missing out. Today we added peanut butter and strawberries on top, because, why not?


One last look before we sign off for the night! Tomorrow: more waffles!





  1. thanks for the great tips on products to buy. Looking forward to trying this one out. First, I have to make the apple cinnamon waffles, those looked amazing! Felt like I could smell them from here. M I know you cannot eat bananas, but do you think L could create a Bananas Foster waffle idea and post for us banana loving folks?

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