This month marks one full year of L and M living together. M moved into the duplex in the winter of 2012, and L moved in with her the following May. What can we say? We moved swiftly.

The most wonderful thing about this duplex is that it looks nothing like a rental. Built in 1936 as a four-story (including the basement and the furnished attic) home, at some point in the 80’s it was separated into an upstairs and a downstairs duplex. We occupy the lower half. The walls are a neutral beige-yellow color, the woodwork white. All of the floors are a beautiful blonde wood (even though they are a bit warped here and there), except in the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is floored with black and white square tile and the bathroom is black and white honeycomb tile. The ceilings are 12 feet in every room, which makes the 1,400 square feet seem even larger.

As beautiful as our home was when we first moved in, it was definitely a fixer-upper. Even though the rental company had put newer windows on the outside, the original sliding windows remained – and leaked horribly. The fireplace in the living room had been disconnected, but they closed the pipe line by wrapping a pair of jeans around the end. I’m not joking. The kitchen had little storage space and even less counter space to make up for it. The original air system ran through the floors, and the ducts were never redone, which means we get a lot of bugs coming in from our basement and the exterior of the house through the floor vents. Half of the door knobs jiggle, and the majority of the locks do not line up with their jams. There was no phone line hook up in the house, which we discovered much to our frustration when we tried to self-install our internet.

Home improvement is one of M’s favorite pastimes. She and L have come up with and completed many a home project already. We intend to write a post about each one we do and have already done, but being that we have already finished some of them, we will only be able to include ‘after’ pictures, unless we magically come across some ‘before’ pictures that were not likely taken.

Here is a list of the Handywomen posts soon to come:

  • Milk Crate Bench
  • Fireplace Brick Wall
  • Sliding Kitchen Door
  • Pot & Pan Storage Bar
  • Kitty Litter Partition
  • Milk Crate Wall Storage
  • Rolling Pallet
  • and many more to follow!

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